Ethos Group Compliance Solutions


Who We Are & What We Do

When it comes to running a business, some things come naturally and others leave you scratching your head. Multiple moving pieces must all come together to create a successful car dealership. Sales, service, finance, inventory, website management, customer service – the list goes on. Do you have a grasp on every area of your business?

Ethos Group Compliance Solutions (EGCS) has over 15 years of Human Resources, Consumer Protections, and Safety experience in the automotive industry. We develop successful training, communication, and resolution plans to help you manage the day-to-day operations of your dealership.

If you need a human resources solution, we are here to help! We still hire real people that come to your dealership and sit with you to diagnose problems, answer any questions, and build an action plan to address your concerns. Rest assured knowing that whenever you need us, a dedicated team assigned to you is standing by to assist.

We produce customized policies, training programs, and websites specific to your needs. EGCS works with you to identify compliance vulnerabilities that pose a business risk and crafts innovative solutions that help protect your business and employees.

Keep your employees up to date in best practices. Our team of experts works with you to provide web-based and in-person education so employees reduce their exposure to risk.


Customized Solutions for your Dealership

Ethos Group Compliance Solutions provides protection for both your business and your employees. Our HR professionals will help ensure you have all documentation you need, policies are followed, and employees are satisfied at work.

We train employees, conduct audits, develop action plans, and hold all employees accountable for their work.

Keeping employees safe during work is a top concern. EGCS conducts audits and creates detailed reports for your safety needs. We make sure there is a plan set in place to reduce your risk.


You Can Count on Ethos Group Compliance Solutions

Contact us today to see how we can help your dealership grow faster and run smoother while being confident that you’re up to date with the latest regulations and trends. We pride ourselves on providing top service for dealerships and look forward to showing you how we can assist your business.